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What is destiny?

Is my father and my mother.

Is your father and your mother.

Is your town and my town.

It is the people!

Your doctor, my teacher,

Your nurse, my lawyer,

Your neighbor and my neighbor

Your time and my time.

It is injustice and the justice

That we together search for.

It is you, I, he, she and them.

It is we that united in the path of life,

At the same time and space

With one same or different vision,

Yet with one same mission

To coexist with dignity

And respect.

María Guadalupe Ortiz


April 9, 2016

I was inspired to write this poem while on a road trip to Sacramento for ACLU’s conference.  My inspiration came from my reflection of the lobbying work that we were going to perform in Sacramento.  I also reflected about the group of comrades with which I traveled in a bus with the  purpose of advocating for fair reforms and legislation.


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