“… give them wings and they will fly on their own” (R. C.)

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Buen día! Good day to you! Bonne Journee!
After practicing my first, second and the third language that I am working on learning, I hope that you are having a great day.  Today, I picked up an inspirations book that was given to me by a good friend, when I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from C.S.U.S.B. in 2010.  I opened the book on a random page and it read, “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops” (Henry B. Adams). Then I remembered that a former Citizenship class student called me last week and said, “Teacher Lupita, do you remember me? I am student E. G. I am sorry for not calling you in months. I have been busy, but I came across your phone number and decided to call you.  I want to say thank you, because I passed my citizenship exam and I never returned to tell you about it. Be proud of me! I am a U. S. citizen now and I will be able to vote during the election period.  You are such a great and patient teacher.  Without your help, I would have not done it!” (E. G.). Mr. Adams’ words were right!  Those of us who teach, don’t know or realize how much we can impact someone’s life.   When I think of it, I have no doubt that I am in the right path.  One day, while sharing my experience as a volunteer ESL teacher with a very dear professor, he told me, “If you cannot teach them anything else, make sure to give them wings and they will fly on their own” (R.C.).  Since that day, I have put his advise to practice by teaching my students self confidence and to believe in themselves and I have seen the results.  This is why, I dedicate this blog to all the great teachers and professors that have left a trace in their students’ lives through dedication and patience, but especially to those great teachers/professors that have helped shape my life to become who I am today.  They are an inspiration in my life!

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