“Strange Thing Called Love”

     I’ve worked hard today on editing  for Voices a literary journal from Cal-State University in San Bernardino.  In doing this, I became inspired and creative.  Therefore, I had to take advantage of my creative wave and before I go to sleep I’ll leave a piece of me, to you my friends. This is one of my poems in English.  I hope you enjoy it. 


     Hoy he trabajado mucho editando para la revista Voices.  Creo que mientras lo hacía, me llegó lo creativa y pues esos momentos de creatividad hay que aprovecharlos porque eso no pasa todos los días.  Así que, antes  de irme a dormir, ya inspirada y metida en esto de la edición pues aquí les dejo esto de mi própia inspiración. Un poema en inglés titulado “Strange Thing Called Love” (Cosa rara llamada amor).


Strange Thing

Called Love


  –María G. Ortiz


Through love you laugh,

through love you cry,

and it is for love

that some will die.


Strange thing called love

will come your way.

It won’t announce,

it finds its way.


Don’t let it slide,

it comes just once.

I mean, TRUE LOVE!

Don’t let it pass!


Published by:

Phineas 2005 – Number 36

The Literary Magazine of  San Bernardino Valley College

© 2005




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